With the kind support of William Forsythe.

In association with the Conservatorio Superior de Danza Maria de Avila.


Outstanding classes given by the best teachers in an exceptional location.

Come and experience ART of with classes ranging from classical ballet to

William Forsythe repertoire.


“The ART of Ballet Summer Course MADRID gave me the tools to succeed in my professional career”

ART of Ballet Summer Course MADRID participant


“With our  courses, we try to  convey to  our  participants the direct relationship between classical ballet and contemporary dance in order to make them well rounded dancers ready for a successful career”

Oleg Klymyuk, ART of - Director


ART of - Ballet Summer Course MADRID 2019


15th - 27th July 2019





At ART of our educational philosophy encourages participants, who come from more than 50 different nations, to be the best they can be, we believe it's what you do that counts.


We  believe  that  by  giving  you  the  opportunity  to  work  with  the  best  ballet  teachers,  ballet  masters  and choreographers the dance world has to offer you will receive a head start towards your career and become the well rounded dancer companies of today are looking for.

After recognizing a gap in the dance education of young dancers, ART of aims to provide young dancers with various skills that will help them along their journey towards a professional ballet career, as well as making them understand the direct relationship between classical and modern dance.


Our participants receive the unique opportunity to not only expand their horizon and perfect their technique and artistry, they also have the privilege of working with ballet teachers that usually only work with leading ballet schools and ballet companies around the globe. Every course has a limited amount of participants so that every participant can benefit from personalized attention and become the best dancer they can be.


“We founded ART of to bring the best of dance to the dancers of tomorrow”

Oleg Klymyuk, ART of - Director


ART of partners with prestigious dance institutions across the world. Through our many connections and relationships with professional dance companies, schools and respected individuals in the dance world, we are able to give our participants the best dance education possible and provide

a stepping stone towards the start or advancement of their career as a dancer.


“Partnerships with major dance institutions such as the Prix de Lausanne sets ART of apart from other courses”

Oleg Klymyuk, ART of - Director




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