Terms and Conditions

1. The 'ART of - Events', such as Ballet Summer Courses, are organised by 'Klymyuk, ART of' and is referred to in this Terms and Conditions Document as the "organisers".

2. By submitting the application form, you or your Parents / Legal guardian acknowledge full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the 'ART of - Events'.

3. The purpose of the 'ART of - Ballet Summer Courses' is to offer an opportunity to dance students and professional ballet dancers to expand their horizon and perfect their technique and artistry, to have the privilege of working with ballet teachers that usually only work with leading ballet schools and ballet companies around the globe.

4. It is the responsibility of participating candidate to obtain and hold all valid documentation required for the country in which they are travelling during the 'ART of - Event'.

5. The organisers are not responsible for any organisation of travel or accommodation of the candidates.

6. Participants are not permitted to attend the 'ART of - Events' if they are injured in any way.

7. The organisers must be informed if the participant has any allergies or other health problems, and an accompanying letter must be submitted (at time of participation).

8. All participants are required to attend in full practice attire, including ballet flats and pointe shoes for female candidates.

9. The organisers will not be held accountable for any damages or injury that occur to any person during the 'ART of - Events' process, nor will they be responsible for the loss of any property.

10. The organisers reserve the right to retain the participation fee in full, in the event of the applicant's withdrawal.

11. In case of injury or illness the organisers reserve the right to retain all or part of the participation fee in the event of the applicant's withdrawal.

In case of injury three month before the course begin 50%, less as three months before the course begin 60% of the course fee will be retain. To be eligible to apply for a part refund of the participation fee, the candidate must present medical certificates from two different specialist doctors. Certificates from a physiotherapist will not be accepted. All certificates submitted must be official certified documents and not hand written.

12. The organizers reserve the right to retain all of the course fees in the event of the applicant's withdrawal two month before the course start (any cases).

13. The organisers reserve the right to cancel and/or change a part of, or to cancel the event in its entirety at any stage. If this were to occur, the organisers will issue new revised dates for the event. If the event cannot be rescheduled, they will refund course/participation fees paid (this excludes any travel and accommodation expenses).
In case of the applicant not being able to attend under the new proposed dates and timeframe, the 60% of the course/ participation fees will be reimbursed.

14. The organisers are released from any responsibility for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations on the Agreement, if they prove, that proper fulfillment was impossible due to force majeure, which means extreme, unforeseen and inevitable circumstances in given conditions.
The participants are accepting that due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the control of the organiser (e.g. epidemic, pandemic, lockdown, etc.), the course / event can be cancelled or cannot be continued; and therefore, they cannot claim for any kind of reimbursement, nor can course/participation fees can be refunded.

15. The organisers reserve the right to change the teachers or artistes in the event of illness or any other unavoidable causes.

16. The application fee is not included in the event / course fee, needs to be paid when submitting the application form, and cannot be reimbursed under any circumstance.

17. The finalised schedule for 'ART of - Ballet Summer Course' shall be posted on the notice board on the first day of the event.

18. The Media Service (photo-shoot or full package) option cannot be cancelled later than three months before the course begins.

19. To be eligible for the professional dancer course, the professional dancer has to be currently, or has been, under contract with a professional dance company for more than one year.

20. The event/course fee needs to be paid within two weeks of receiving the confirmation letter.

21. It is recommended, that whenever traveling abroad, that the participant takes out personal travel insurance.

22. Photo- and video shots are the property of 'Klymyuk, ART of and are permitted to be used freely by 'Klymyuk, ART of' for promotional and marketing purposes.

23. All participants must have valid health insurance.

24. All participants must have a valid liability insurance.

25. All participants younger than 18 years old must send us, prior to the start of the event, the 'Authorisation for underage person' fully completed and signed by their parents or legal guardian.

26. The ART of reserves the right to adjust and update the Terms and Conditions at any time. Any updates of the Terms & Conditions will take effect immediately upon issue of the document.

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